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Buggy Recipes

Want to try edible insects at home but don't know where to start? Take a look at our recipes, as well as some recipes created by amazing chefs from around the world

Chef recipes

Chilli & Garlic Crickets

Created by Chef Matt Fitzgerald
El Topo- Bondi Junction, Sydney NSW Australia
El Topo has been kind enough to share their famous Chilli & Garlic recipe with us. You can find this on their menu everyday! It is so simple yet super delicious

50g of frozen crickets (you can also use roasted ones)
4 cloves of garlic
1 red chilli
Zest of 2 limes
Pink river salt

  • Pre-heat oven to 160degrees Celsius
  • Place frozen crickets into boiling water
  • Bring to a boil and turn down heat. Simmer for 3-5 mins
  • Drain crickets, place onto baking trays, roast for 15-30min on 120 degrees until crunchy
  • Allow to Cool
  • Thinly slice garlic and chilli
  • Place garlic into a pot and cover with milk. Bring to a boil and drain.
  • Deep fry garlic until golden
  • Deep fry chilli until crunchy
  • Allow to cool
  • Place all ingredients together, add lime zest and salt, mix well and serve.
Tartar & Ants

Created by Chef Lars Williams & Rene Redzepi
Noma- Denmark
The amazing people at Noma (one of the top restaurants in the world) have shared their recipe for Tartar & Ants. This is available seasonally on their menu. The ants they use are sourced from the woods around their facility. If you are looking for a special recipe to share with your friends this is the one!
80g beef from a bone-in rib eye
Celery Oil
250g celery Leaves, blanched and semi dried
500g grapeseed oil
Sugar Kelp Vinegar
1000g filtered water
23g Sugar Kelp
200g Apple Vinegar
72g ethanol (6%)
Ant Salt
30g Salt
40g Ants (or you can use pre made ant salt)


  • Trim a section of beef, slice the meat into 1.5 cm thicknesses and place between pieces of kelp to cure for 2 hours. Cut/ tear the meat into 0.5 cm wide strips and lay in a neat rectangle on a wooden board or serving plate.
Celery Oil
  • Pick and wash celery leaves. Blanch for 4 minutes (until tender) and shock. Squeeze through cheesecloth to draw out all the water, spread out well on trays to dry. Take care that this process does not take too long- it may have to be sped up with an initial turn in the oven at 50°C. Blend 1:2 with grapeseed oil.
Sugar Kelp Vinegar
  • Place filtered water and sugar kelp in a sealed bag and cook at 60°C for 1 hour. Strain and allow to cool. Mix remaining ingredients and put in a sterilized jar covered with cheesecloth and place in a cool, dry place for 3 weeks. Check for complete fermentation and allow for longer time if necessary. (for a quick home alternative you can use apple cider vinegar with a small amount of kelp powder added)
Ant Salt
  • Blitz ants and salt together in a short pulse, taking care not to over blend. Reserve in the freezer.
  • Layer a few drops of the celery oil and sugar kelp vinegar on top of the beef tartar, followed by a sprinkle of ant salt
Popping Citrus Ants

Photo by:
Created By Anna Polyviou, Executive Pastry Chef
Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney
This dessert is high in Protein, gluten free and low in fat too… Perfect creation for sweet lovers. This recipe has been created especially for us by the amzing Anna!
Ants and orange flourless cake
2 whole Oranges 
5 Whole Eggs
375gm Caster Sugar
400gm Almond meal
25gm Baking Powder
5gm Ants


In a medium pot, simmer the oranges in water for 1 hour; make sure the oranges are covered.   When the oranges are ready, blitz in the food processor until a smooth paste (skin and all)
In an electric machine using a whisk attachment, whisk up the eggs and sugar until light and fluffy. Fold in the dry ingredients off the machine, followed by the orange paste and then the ants.
Spray round/doughnut mould and then pipe into the mix half way. Bake in the oven at 180C for 10 minutes
125ml Mango Puree
10gm Caster Sugar
2gm Gelatine, soften


In a small saucepan, bring the puree and sugar just to the boil. Take off the heat and add in the gelatine. Strain the mix and allow to cool, when ready use your finger to create the ripple effect in the a dome flexi mat moulds. Place in the freeze and allow to set completely before adding the yoghurt mousse
495gm Natural Yoghurt
75ml  Lime Juice
75gm Caster Sugar
495ml Cream, semi whipped
6 Leaves Gelatine, soften


In a saucepan bring the sugar and lime juice to the boil. Take off the heat; add in the gelatine and strain. Allow to cool
When the lime mix has cooled whisk into the yoghurt and then fold in the semi whipped cream. Pipe into the pre-pared moulds and allow to freeze
Ant flourless cake, dome, orange segments, baby coriander, ants sprinkled

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