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We are unable to ship any orders until AFTER the 3rd October due to the move. You can still place your order and it will be shipped just after the 3rd. If you have any questions please email us using the details on our contact page. 
Plain Roasted Crickets (5 Pack)
Plain roasted crickets. Suitable for a yummy snack
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Product Description
These plain roasted crickets make a great snack to munch on or can be added to your favourite dish. See our recipes page for more ways to use your roasted crickets.

Each retail package contains 5 x roasted crickets and is a rady to eat product. 

These are whole crickets, some customers prefer to remove wings and/or legs before consumption

These have no oil, flavouring or preservatives added!

Allergen Information: People who are allergic to SHELLFISH can have a sinilar reaction when eating edible insects

Ingredients : Crickets (100%)

Nutritional Information
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hi there, This might sound like a silly question, but I'm wondering whether your roasted crickets are gluten free? i am coeliac, so if the crickets are roasted in a pan that has traces of wheat, barley, rye or oats, that could be a problem for me! i'm keen to try your products, so if you could give me some general guidance that would be great too. i'm guessing there's not a massive demand for gluten free certification just yet, but it could be the start of something big ... i look forward to hearing from you, Kelly

Good Morning, The crickets are gluten free! The mealworms are fed some grains though, so they are not

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