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Bug-O-Nut Rough

Regular price $3.50
Do you love chocolate and coconut? Then our Bug-O-Nut rough is perfect for you. These bite sized bits of chocolately goodness are mixed with coconut and one of our special bug ingredients, to help this sweet treat get its unique favour. What is the special ingredient I hear you ask? Tiny pupae!

You are purchasing 1 x individual of fly shaped Bu-O-Nut Rough retail packaging. Each fly weighs 10g

WARNING: Chocolate items can melt in warmer weather. We recommend adding an ice pack to your order if you are concerned about the chocolate melting during the warmer months. Ice packs can be aded in the packaging section of our online store (to the left)
Allergen information: CONTAINS: Milk, preservative 220 and 223.

Made in a factory that also processes tree nuts and peanuts. People who are allergic to shellfish should not eat edible insects, as they can have a similar reaction. 
Nutritional Information: