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Make your own Chocolate Crickets Kit
Make your own Chocolate Crickets Kit

Make your own Chocolate Crickets Kit

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Our make your own chocolate coated crickets kit is fun for the whole family.

You can learn all about sustainable proteins while making a delicious treat! It's a unique and memorable activity everyone can participate in. 

Our kit comes with all of the ingredients you need to make to have a unique and exciting cooking experience at home. A full recipe card is included or you can check out our Youtube channel for video instructions. 

  • 1  Pack Plain Roasted Crickets (these are ready to use)
  • 1 x Pack high quality Milk, white or dark chocolate (choose from the drop down menu)
  • 4 x I Ate a Bug Button Badge
  • 1 x FREE pack Ant Candy
  • 1 x Complete Recipe Instructions
  • All in a gift box

Learning about sustainable foods is fun for the whole family, edible insects will play an important part in our future food system and by learning how to cook them at home, you and your family can help educate others about the amazing benefits of insect based foods.