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Plain Roasted Crickets 20g

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These crunchy roasted crickets are 100% natural, with nothing added.  This snack is perfect for those on a Paleo diet, or if you are looking to reduce the amount of saturated fats/carbohydrates from your diet. The crickets have a crunchy texture and nutty flavour and are yummy they way they are, but you can add your own special flavouring or even use them to boost the nutrients and protein in your favourite dish. 

Each 20g pack of crickets contains over 12g of digestable protein. Protein helps to contribute to muscle growth. It also has no added sugar. 1 pack also contains 44% of your RDI of calcium and has 100% of your RDI of iron 

We all know good things come in small packages! 

Each pack contains approximately 30-40 roasted crickets. This is a ready to eat product, so can be eaten as supplied. Pack size is 1 x deli tub (approx 20g cricket weight!)

These are whole crickets, some customers prefer to remove wings and/or legs before consumption

Allergen Information: People who are allergic to SHELLFISH can have a similar reaction when eating edible insects

Ingredients : 
Cricket (shellfish) (100%)