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Ant Seasoning Salt 40g

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Ant seasoning Salt is a delicious condiment that can be added to any meat dish for an amazing flavour experience. You can also add it to salads or soups. 

The ants provide a unique citrus zing that explodes in your mouth! The amazing flavour comes from the acid contained inside the ants body. The ants use this acid to communicate with eachother, so different species of ants will have completely different flavour profiles. 

Ants have been used in Chinese Medicine for over 200 years, and health practitioners claim that ants have health benifits for your skin, liver and general vitality. We think they taste delicious! 

Product comes in 40 g pack size, in resealable stand up pouch. 

Allergen information: 

Made in a factory that also processes tree nuts and peanuts. People who are allergic to shellfish should not eat edible insects, as they can have a similar reaction. 

Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt (98%), Ants (2%)

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