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Are edible bugs safe to eat?
Our bugs are farmed and processed for purpose, so are completely safe to eat. We have been breeding edible insects in Sydney, Australia since 2007 and have developed techniques for farming in our unique Australian climate. We were Australia’s first edible insect farm and developed special techniques to make sure that all of the insects we supply comply with the same standards as anything else you would purchase in the supermarket.

Can some people have allergic reactions to the bugs?

YES! People that are allergic to shellfish can have a similar reaction when eating edible insects, so we would advise against eating them if you are allergic to shellfish. 

What is Cricket Protein Powder?

Our Cricket Protein Powder contains ground crickets…and that’s all! This allows you to get all of the great nutritional benefits of eating the insects without the texture of the insects. The cricket powder can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes to give an added protein and micronutrient boost. See our recipes page for recipe ideas! 

Can I eat bugs from my backyard?
We do not recommend eating bugs that you have caught yourself because they may be contaminated with chemicals or parasites. The process of collecting insects to eat isn't a sustainable practice. 
What do edible bugs taste like?
Different edible insects have different tastes (like any other type of food), but most have a slightly nutty taste. You can see some great ways to use edible bugs in our recipes pages

Do your products comply with Australian Food Standards?

YES! All of our products are manufactured in a commercial kitchen and our production processes utilise the principles of HACCP and Good Manufacturing Principles.

How do you know that your bugs are safe to eat?

Our entomologists (bug scientists) and food scientists work together to develop yummy products that are completely safe to eat. We have also had our products tested in a NATA accredited laboratory to make sure they comply with all Australian Food Standards

How long can I keep the edible insects for?

Each product will come with a best before date attached to the packaging

Do they have to be kept in the fridge?

Our frozen edible insects do need to be kept in the freezer, but all of the products are safe at room temperature (unless otherwise stated in the description)

Are the edible insects good for you?

If the bugs are not coated in sugar or chocolate they are good for you. Take a look at our WHY EAT BUGS? section for more information. Each product will also have some amazing nutritional facts on the product page

Is there any further preparation required before eating the bugs?

Most of our products are ready to eat, but if you are purchasing our frozen bugs, you will need to cook them before eating them. The use and storage information is located on each product page, as well as on the packaging.

Where are you located?

Our Edible Insect breeding facility and processing plant is located in Western Sydney, NSW Australia. 

Can we come and visit your farm?

Unfortunately we do not offer farm tours at this time, but will do soon. Sign up to our newsletter for updates