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Flavoured Cricket Powder Pasta 375g

Flavoured Cricket Powder Pasta 375g

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Our high protein Fusilli Cricket Powder Pasta has been developed in collaboration with the multi award winning pasta makers at Artisan Pasta. 

Each pack is 375g and contains 4 serves. Each serve has been enriched with our Aussie farmed cricket protein powder, and contains over 14g of protein per serve. 

The pasta has been made using traditional bronze-die forged methods, it's the only cricket pasta made with 100% Australian Ingredients, including Australian Farmed Durum Wheat and Australian farmed crickets. 

Available in 2 flavours, Roasted garlic and Lemon Myrtle & Saffron, the flavour combinations have been carefully crafted to to entice your tastebuds.  

See our recipes page for suggestions. You can eat this pasta hot with a small amount of olive oil or cold in a salad. 

Works out to be just $3 per serve.