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Food Safety Information

About Our Bugs

Edible Bug Shop breeds our edible insects on our purpose built farm located in Western Sydney. The way our bugs are processed makes sure they are completely safe to eat and comply with Australian Food Standards. These standards relate to good manufacturing standards, hygiene, labeling and food safety standards. 

We do not recommend eating live, raw (uncooked) or bugs from your garden. These can contain chemical contaminants as well as various parasites that can be passed onto humans (the same as in some traditional sources of protein). 

This website contains useful information about all of our products, including allergen and nutritional information, our food safety statement, as well as recipes and ways to prepare your edible bugs. We recommend that you read the information given with each individual product before you place your order, to make sure that is is suitable for you. The bottom of each product page will contain a nutritional panel, as well as allergen information specific to the product you are ordering. 

If you have a question please Bug Us through our contact page! One of our Food Scientists will get back to you with detailed information. 

Allergen information:

You can find specific allergen information about each of our products on the product page before you make your purchase. We comply with good manufacturing processes to help control the allergens present in each food item, however people that are allergic to SHELLFISH shellfish should not eat edible insects, and can have an adverse reaction to them.