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Frozen Crickets

Regular price $60.00

PLEASE CONTACT US to get a quote on delivery before purchasing this item

Frozen crickets are a special order item

Are you interested in trying out one of our edible bug recipes? You can now order our whole frozen crickets, which are ready to use in your favourite recipe. The crickets have a mild nutty taste, and take on the flavours that are around them. So are prefect for a curry or stir fry, just add them in 1-2 minutes before the end of cooking. 

You are ordering a 250g plastic tub of whole frozen crickets. These need to be cooked before consumption. 

The price also includes one ice pack, to ensure the product is kept chilled during transport

Our crickets are farmed in Australia and comply with Australian Food Standards. 

Allergen Information: People who are allergic to SHELLFISH can have a similar reaction when eating edible insects

Ingerdients: Crickets (100%)

Available for special order. Please email us